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Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart’s new airplane heist Netflix film “Lift” is one to watch.

In his upcoming film “Lift” on Netflix, Kevin Hart leads an operation to steal $500 million in gold. Netflix has released the trailer for action comedy ‘Lift’ which was partly filmed in Northern Ireland.

The first trailer for the F. Gary Gray-directed movie features Hart and his all-star ensemble taking on the daring task. Netflix will start streaming the comedy-thriller on Friday, January 12.

The heist movie was originally scheduled for release in August, but it will instead debut at the start of 2019. Hart and his group are first seen in the teaser being apprehended for their evil deeds. Hart receives a visit on his home from the authorities informing him that they are aware of his illegal activity.

If he assists them with boosting $500 million USD worth of gold on a passenger jet that is travelling towards a terrorist cell, they are ready to overlook his history. The problem is that he has to complete the theft while in the air. Hart instructed his staff to “treat this like any other lift.”

Hart makes every effort to create the ideal plan, but a number of obstacles may force the crew to wing it and improvise. At a critical juncture, he adds, “All right then, let’s show them what true artistry looks like.”

During the Philadelphia Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys Game of the Week on Fox Sports America, Netflix unveiled the teaser. Swoop, the Eagles mascot, was shown in the segment stealing the footage from the streaming service’s headquarters.

Sam Worthington, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Örsula Corberó, Billy Magnussen, Jacob Batalon, Jean Reno, and Vincent D’Onofrio are the co-stars of Lift.

The film “Lift” comes nearly three years after Hart inked a lucrative contract with Netflix, wherein he agreed to create and feature in four films following the release of his comedy special “Zero F**ks Given” in 2020. Through his production firm Hartbeat, Hart serves as a producer on the song “Lift”.

Netflix purchased the screenplay “Lift” in March 2021 from Daniel Kunka, a screenwriter most recognised for his work on the John Cena action picture “12 Rounds” (2009). Hart teamed up with Grey on the project that September.

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