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Tea Plantation Tour in Rwanda

Tea Plantation Tour in Rwanda

Visiting the tea estates, taking part in the entire process of growing, harvesting, and learning how it finally gets to a hot cup of tea is the perfect way to discover unique adventures that usually come once in a lifetime and you wouldn’t want to miss it out. A Rwandan Tea Plantation Tour is one of the best complimentary adventures for your safari in Rwanda. You may extend your incredible journey from within the National Parks to strolling through the verdant, shimmering tea plantations in Rwanda, engaging with the people for one of the most engaging experiences. This is made possible by the Tea Tour Plantation.

Rwanda has a large number of tea plantation fields due to its advantageous geographic location, thousand hills, and rich volcanic soils that are perfect for cultivating tea. Nonetheless, it is often advised to do a Rwandan tea plantation tour at the Gisakura Tea Plantation, which is the country’s most well-known and unquestionably the most beautiful, perched atop undulating hills on the outskirts of Nyungwe National Park in the southern province of Rwanda.

With the help of this complementary excursion, you will be able to enjoy a unique crop-to-cup tea experience that offers breathtaking views of the tropical Nyungwe Forests and tea farms. You will visit and tour the plantation with a tea expert and your guide, who will explain to you how tea is grown from the very beginning. You will also meet with the locals in the fields as you harvest the tea and learn about the process of planting tea leaves. Finally, you will enjoy the exciting and hands-on moments of picking your own tea leaves, a truly authentic African experience that will motivate you to grow and process tea.

Continue your Gisakura tea tour experience, participate in further interactive talks on Rwandan tea farms, and see more demonstrations of tea brewing and other processing steps up to the point when you get to taste the tea. You will be able to enjoy the flavour of an ideal cup of African black tea, which is cultivated in Gisakura, among the gently sloping slopes of Nyungwe National Park.

While on a Rwandan tea plantation tour in the Gisakura tea fields, visitors frequently get the opportunity to see the sizable groups of Colobus monkeys that inhabit the plantation’s edge of Nyungwe Forest. This will almost certainly add an unforgettable element to your tea tour experience.

The Gisovu Tea Plantation, which is situated right on the northern edge of Nyungwe National Park and features shimmering fields and a stunning display of contrasting tea rows with the forests that stand just behind them, is another interesting tea plantation to visit for your complimentary and amazing tea tour experience.

The Rwandan tea plantation tour is a lovely trip that gives back to the community since the financial donations are divided amongst the local workers and tea harvesters to support their social welfare and well-being.

In addition to visiting a tea plantation, you can also go chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe National Park, which is a thrilling and well-liked tourist activity. You can track the chimps as they play, hoot, and clang through the forests, or you can take a canopy walk to get the best views of the entire Nyungwe Forest.

A trip to Lake Kivu for boat rides and water sports is another adventure that travellers put on their bucket list while in Rwanda. Volcanoes National Park offers a plethora of exhilarating and daring activities, such as golden monkey trekking and gorilla trekking.

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