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Here are some of the services we provide.

Web Development

We design and develop responsive websites for all sorts of businesses and organisations. We also revamp already existing websites and make them more professional. We register domains and host websites and even transfer websites from one web host to another. Our web development projects are professionally unique and we have had so many satisfied customers.

Search Engine Optimisation

If your website is not being easily found online then you are losing out the many visitors that would turn out to be potential customers especially if you are in a business that depends primarily on the visibility of your website like tourism. We are experts in SEO and we can put all the necessarily measures in place to enable search engines like Google rank your website highly so that it is easily found on the web.

Graphic Design

We design professional logos and all sorts of graphic content and we pay full attention to even the smallest detail on all our designs to make sure that the right message is put across and promote our clients’ brands.

Digital Marketing

The world today is quite competitive especially online and businesses can easily end up closing if they don’t position themselves well. In digital marketing we study your business and identify the right market which we then target with the latest and most effective marketing techniques and direct them to your business, many of whom eventually become paying customers.

Technology Consultancy

We provide technology consultancy services to our clients on all issues ranging from website audit or requirements, software and hardware, digital marketing, search engine optimisation among other things.

Social Media Management

We set up social media accounts for our clients or manage already existing social media accounts through publishing engaging content. We significantly widen visibility of our clients’ businesses and in turn build a substantial social media following of people that we later turn into paying customers.

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